Thursday, September 18, 2008

At The Movies

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today kinda flew by - no idea where the day went. This morning I watched some television, played video games, and had a bath while Mommy tidied, did a lot of laundry, coloured her hair, and did some sudoku puzzles. We did have some bonus daily drama when Mommy lost her cell phone (or maybe I lost it) and nobody can find it. A good chunk of the afternoon was spent looking for it and getting into a pretty bad mood.

Mommy left to go shopping with Leslie late in the afternoon, and I hung out with Gammy and Grandpa - I helped them make dinner, which Daddy joined us for. After that, it was time for a special date - Daddy took me downtown to see my very first movie at a theater (see photo)! I had a great time - I ate an entire large popcorn, saw a great movie, and was incredibly well-behaved. Daddy was so proud!

We met up with Mommy and Leslie on the way home, and went to bed a little late... but it was okay, because I was being such a great kid.


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