Monday, September 08, 2008

Medusa: Not So Scary

[As transcribed by Daddy]

My parents observed me with rapt fascination today to see if I would continue yesterday's wacky behaviour... luckily, I was much calmer and way more focused. After a nice morning, we all had some lunch, watched cartoons, and then loaded into the car and drove out to scenic Brampton. We were hoping for good weather and a hike, but settled for rain and the craft store instead.

We bought a whole whackload of crafty stuff, and I got to look at and play with the Halloween decorations. I saw a kinda pretty bust of Medusa, and decided that maybe she wouldn't make such a bad Halloween costume after all!

After a quick walk through the Future Shop, a stop for coffee, and a trip to the bookstore, where we all looked at dinosaur books, we drove back home along the lakeshore. I got to watch my Dinosaur movie during dinner, which was a nice treat... and then I seriously fought going to bed. Again.

Listening to: Lykke Li - Youth Novels


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