Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Hallowe'en Stuff

[As transcribed by Daddy]

The house was nice and clean today, and Mommy didn't wanna give me the opportunity to mess it up so quickly, so... we got out of the house to run various errands. First off, we took the bus to the fabric store, went to a card store to look at Hallowe'en stuff, and then went to a restaurant I called "Mario Side" for lunch. Mommy and I drew pictures of our lunch.

Next we hit Old Navy, and I got a lot of loot - mostly more Hallowe'en clothes. We went to the dollar store and got loads more Hallowe'en stuff, not to mention some much-needed chopsticks and another Dinosaur book.

After we got home, I visited with my Grandparents before Daddy came home (he got another high cholesterol diagnosis from the Doctor today, so it's back on his crazy diet). We had dinner, I had a bath, and then I watched him play video games.


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