Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Altoona

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I had a nice morning - Nana snuggled me and read to me once I woke up, which was really nice. I made sure I got in some quality time with her before Mommy and Daddy packed up the car with all of our stuff (loading the trunk with my Christmas loot required someone with Mommy's Tetris skills).

We drove over to Aunt Trina's place, where we hung out with Zoe and Papa and all of their dogs, who kinda drove Daddy crazy (what with his sinus headache) and flung themselves at his midsection like little yappy four-legged crotch-rockets. We did get to walk around the farm and take some awesome pictures.

Next, we drove back to the hotel in Altoona, PA - despite some ridiculously heavy traffic in Virginia (where some people like to drive really really slow on the interstate), we made really good time! We dropped Mommy and Basil off at our room, and then Daddy and I checked out "Lights on the Lake" - a huge, tacky, and tasteless Christmas lights display (I loved it!). The employees there need some serious lessons in customer service - but seeing the gigantic "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS! from WENDY'S" sign was totally worth it.

Listening to: The Flaming Lips - The Dark Side of the Moon


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