Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Basil's Briefcase

[As transcribed by Daddy]

We got loads of mail today - Christmas cards from friends, contact lenses, printer ink, tacky 1970s Christmas decorations, and a phone bill. Pretty decent haul!

At school today, Adriana - a girl I've been having some issues with - made me a picture, which was really awesome. I was very happy to declare that we're friends again! Being in kindergarten sure is awesome. While I was at school, Grandpa looked after Basil, who wandered around the house with Gammy's briefcase in his mouth. Later, it was discovered that there was a fruitcake in said briefcase.

Mommy and I worked on a secret present for Daddy in the afternoon, and then we all had a lovely dinner and watched 'Smit-Busters' together before bed.


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