Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buffalo Blizzard

[As transcribed by Daddy]

We left Altoona at a pretty good hour this morning, having endured something of a light snowfall in the night. Mommy's cold might be getting worse, so she tried to take it easy for most of the drive. For the most part, the drive was pretty quiet, aside from getting stuck behind slow-moving trucks in the Allegheny mountains...

...until we hit Buffalo. Suddenly, we were hit by a MAJOR blizzard, and barely managed to crawl our way through the city. There was about a foot of visibility, a foot of unplowed snow on the interstate (and no snow tires on the rental car), and loads of traffic. It was kinda scary - Daddy doesn't think he's ever had to drive in those conditions before in his life. The blizzard was so bad that the border guard couldn't even make out who was in the car. He missed Basil entirely! See the photo above - Daddy took that photo at the border crossing.

Of course, as soon as we hit St. Catharines, the blizzard (and even the snow) was gone and we made it back home in record time - I was so happy to see Gammy and Grandpa! I was so full of beans it's a miracle I ever eventually fell asleep.


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