Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Cold

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Daddy is trying to do the blg propery tonight but is shivering so much due to the world's fastest oncoming cold and cant seem to type proper;y (much worse than he usually can type, in any case) Its a miracle that the sound of his chattering teeth arent' waking up everyone in ht ehouse!

I had a nice day with Mmmy today - we worked on daddy's secret present and tried to shake the illness that has snuck up on all of us. Actually, scratch that - Mommy is so insistent that she doesnt even have a cold and that she'd gonna banish whichever germs are currently causing her discomfort through the power of positive thinking. like she Usually does!

Tomprrow we all have one heck of a long drive after Daddy gets home from the office... thirteen hours through a snowstorm to th great State of Virgini, to see Nana and Trina and Zoe and Jim and Papa. If you're reading this, Nana, put the pot of chicken noodle soup on the stove as soon as you rea this - we're coming and we're bringing coplds!

Here's daddy's company Christmas card!


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