Saturday, December 19, 2009


[As transcribed by Daddy]

I slept in a bit again this morning - Mommy and I spent a good part of the morning snuggling in bed and reading storybooks. Eventually we got our act together and had a nice day - it was cold out there again, and Mommy spent most of the afternoon (while I was in school) out and about buying Fabric and riding busses.

School was really busy - the last day before the holiday break. Santa visited us, which was pretty awesome - I told him about the gifts I want for Christmas (my parents were surprised by my recent revisions and are hustling accordingly), got some treats from friends, came home and fed them to Daddy, since I can't eat most of them due to wheat allergies.

Mommy cooked a chicken for dinner - I managed to keep about 50% of it off of the floor, and about 25% of it out of Basil's mouth. Before bed, I invented a new matrial art - something I call "Flamoramso", which is a combination of tumbling, gymnastics, and monkey fighting.


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