Sunday, December 20, 2009


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I let Daddy sleep in today to see what would happen if we didn't wake him up... he didn't get up until one in the afternoon! I was totally shocked and baffled. How is that even possible?!

After he had his lunch, we took me to the outdoor mall, where we saw two of the loneliest reindeer fenced off in the main square standing on the cold ground with a tiny bale of hay to share. We don't know much about reindeer keeping, but it seemed pretty awful and inhumane to Daddy. In any case, I picked out some presents for Mommy (I was very decisive) and we brought them home.

I went with Gammy and Grandpa over to Lucie and Richard's place for their annual Xmas open house, and charmed everyone - I asked for sushi, explained my wheat allergy, and played with baby Charlotte and the girl (Zoee) I honestly thought was Charlotte's mom. My parents joined us and took me home.

Then we all headed back out again, with Nee-Nee in tow, and went to an awesome Ethiopian restaurant downtown. We had to wait for a loooong time for our food, but when it arrived we all absolutely devoured it in record time. I think everyone within a ten-block radius could hear me announce "I'M STUFFED!"

Listening to: The Beatles - Please Please Me


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