Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Serenade

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I played some video games this morning, and then Mommy and I really hustled to get ready for Sara's birthday party. We wrapped presents, I drew a picture, we got dressed, and then Grandpa drove us over to Julie's place. I was so happy to see her and James! Julie and I walked over to Sara's school, and we picked her up when she got out.

Sara really loved the necklace and bracelet I made for her. We were soon joined by my old friend Jacqueline and her little sister Olivia (the quietest baby ever) - we played with toys, ate a ridiculous amount of food, and I serenaded Sara with a seven-minute rendition of 'Happy Birthday".

When it was time to go, Mommy told me that Nana and Jim would be waiting for me at home. I didn't believe her, and figured she was just kidding. Well, imagine my surprise when it turned out she was telling the truth! I was so happy to see them - I couldn't wait to show Nana my new, re-arranged bedroom.


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