Monday, January 25, 2010

Couch Testing

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Daddy's cough kept him up pretty late last night, so Mommy and I let him sleep in. The two of us made some scones, did some reading, and watched a DVD together. It was a really nice way to spent Sunday morning!

In the afternoon we had some lunch and then headed out on a couch-finding excursion. Our couch just isn't cutting it anymore, so we went to check out some new ones - I was brought along for the sole purpose of sitting on and "testing" each couch. I was nice and pacified and charming at the first place we went (where I befriended the saleslady - and named her shadow "couches"), but was really bouncy and crazy at the other two places. Sorry, Idomo guy.

We hit the bookstore on the way home, and then came home for some video games, a delicious dinner, and a good night's sleep!

Listening to: Badly Drawn Boy - Is There Nothing We Could Do?


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