Saturday, January 30, 2010 the electorate (?!)

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I played with my dollhouse this morning, which was quite a lot of fun. When she suggested that she was going to put off having lunch, I suggested that she might eat it "tomorrow", "next year", or "in the electorate." If anyone has any idea what that means, please leave a comment.

Mommy took me to school (during which I told her that I love her "ninety percent of a googol"), which was fun. And warm. Once again it's insanely cold out there, which is why the fact that Claire and I took our hats off while playing in the playground more troubling.

I got a ring-pop candy to eat on the way home, which turned my tongue green. Mommy and Daddy went for a 'Buckley's run' in there evening to fix Daddy's cough, so I hung out with Gammy and Grandpa.


Blogger Kristen McGregor said...

Electorate = group of people to vote...

So if Mommy is going to put off eating lunch, if she were to do it in "the electorate", it would imply that she would simply wait until a group of people were eligible to vote for her to put it off?

9:13 AM


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