Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Olympics Show

[As transcribed by Daddy]

It was faze-freezingly cold again outside today, so once more our plans to travel or go anywhere of interest were pretty much scuppered. Instead, we made do and just hung out at home. Well - everyone except for Basil, of course, who decided to go exploring in the middle of the night and found a discarded frozen garbage bag at the bottom of the ravine that he wanted to eat. Caused some drama.

I had a nice visit with Cool Uncle Gareth before he headed back to You Nork... he played with me and put me upside-down a bunch of times. Oh - and he cut Daddy's hair short. And did a really great job of it, too!

After watching some figure skating on television, I invited my entire family over to our place after dinner to put on what I called an "Olympics Show' - I set up the place, turned off the lights, turned on some music, and did a pantomime demo of Telemark, Downhill Skiing, "Dance-Skiing", Cross-Country Skiing, Uphill Skiing, and spinny figure skating.


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