Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rosita! Time for Dinner!

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Daddy worked from home today - I kept him entertained by making really cool cars and stuff out of Lego and then bringing them to him and getting his feedback. He is a Creative Director, after all. Which is kinda like being a Dad.

He and Mommy went out on a date while I was at school (they went to a restaurant where they could eat wheat) and then came to pick me up when school was over. Everything is warming up outside, so the playground was melty, and I got pretty mucky.

We went for a drive to find some new slippers for me - we hit up Old Navy, Globo, Winners, The Shoe Company, and finally hit paydirt at Zellers. Who'd have thought we'd have to jump through hoops for slippers?!

Through it all, Daddy and I were silly - we made up finny dialogues between an imaginary little girl named 'Rosita' and her Mommy.

Listening to: Vampire Weekend - Contra


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