Saturday, January 09, 2010


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Man is it ever cold out there today. Daddy put on one of Mommy's warm winter granny-sweaters and didn't care that it made him look like a little old lady.

I had a tough day at school today, kinda. You see - I always feel as though I have to police what all the kids are doing for some reason, as well as the fact that I kinda like to be in control of play and 'direct' everyone. Some of the other kids weren't doing what I wanted, and it made me kinda grumpy and pouty. After shouting rudely at some of the other kids, Mommy took me home from the playground.

The afternoon was alright... I played video games and stuff. The later it got the crazier and more spastic I got - Daddy made a sarcastic joke at the television at one point, which caused me to excitedly exclaim (all frenzied) "Daaad, you're being so sarcophagus!" It made my parents laugh.


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