Friday, January 08, 2010


[As transcribed by Daddy]

School was good today... I got some new books to read, played with my friends, and told everyone that I was gonna watch Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs at dinner to night - as such I couldn't allow myself to watch any television leading up to it.

My folks picked me up after school and took me over to our favourite bookstore at Shops at Don Mills... only to discover that it was closed and empty! We were heartbroken! It was open and busy as of, like, a week ago, which is weird. As we walked back to the car I shouted "Super Double Boo-Urns to you, Bookstore - even though you were my favourite!"

We got home, picked up the dog, got him to pee in a jar, and took him to the vet for a checkup (he's been drinking water and peeking like crazy for the past month). We waited around for a looong time, and then my parents paid for the lab tests. They paid through the teeth (but he's worth it).

We came home and watched my movie - which was awesome.

Listening to: JBGFE: The Songs of 2009


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