Tuesday, February 09, 2010


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I decided to take Basil and Cinnamon Bunny (whom I bundled up in doll clothing) for a nice walk around the block today, which we all felt like we really needed, what with us having been so cooped up over the past few days. We had some lunch, and then Mommy walked me to school, during which I invented what I'm calling "Alien Language":

Doodle n oodle ........ Hello
Doodle n addle ........ Goodbye
Doodle Odle ........ Happy Halloween
Tonoodle ........ I Love You a Bunch
Doodle n addle n urdle ........ Happy Valentine's Day
Woah Woah ........ Beard
Popera Addick-Boddick ........ Sandra Bullock

It was nice to be back at school - Mommy ran some errands while I was there and as such as too exhausted to pick me up, so Grandpa came and got me. I watched too much television when I got home, but did manage to do some reading and drawing with Mommy.

After Daddy got home from work, we all ate some really rare roast beef for dinner, and I kinda fought going to sleep for as long as possible.


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