Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Fun times - today, after a pretty dull morning of television watching, video game playing, and smoked salmon eating, I convinced Daddy to put down the big family Christmas present / research project he's been workin' on and actually take me out to buy a Christmas present for Mommy.

I can't go into details here (obviously, in case Mommy actually reads the blog for once) but we had a pretty good time... I was meticulous in picking out exactly what I wanted for Mommy. Then we went to Starbucks for some treats on the way home. Yay treats!

The rest of the evening went pretty smooth. Mommy made a big ol' traditional Sunday dinner of roast beef and mashed potatoes and all the fixings. Dennis was, once again, just happy to be allowed on the couch.


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