Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Kid's Table

[As transcribed by Daddy on December 26th]

So, I woke up with my ear still bothering me, which put our trip to Montreal in jeopardy. Luckily it got better, and we canceled our hastily-scheduled emergency trip to the hospital.

After an eternity of loading-all-of-our-crap-into-the-car, we left Toronto at exactly noon, and had a pretty uneventful drive to Montreal. There were lots of snacks consumed along the way, but no lunch, surprisingly. Dennis and I were incredibly well behaved.

Once we arrived, I was really happy to play and eat dinner with cousins Nevi and Skye over at the kids' table while Mommy and Daddy and Ed and Diane and Gareth and Robin and Brian ate dinner at the grown-up's table. I made sure to leave a nice letter with some flax cookies for Santa Claus before going to bed.


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