Sunday, December 19, 2010

Street Meat for Dennis

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I was awake pretty early today... maybe a bit TOO early. My parents slept in a bit, but my constant over-reactions to the littlest things really sort of indicated that I didn't get enough rest. Dennis, on the other hand, had a GREAT day. It's been two weeks, so... today he's allowed to get up on the couch and the bed ad stuff. And believe me, he did. He spent at least 75% of the day on one piece of furniture or another.

In the afternoon, we all went down to the Beaches for a walk - Mommy hit up the butcher and got loads of food, and then we went for a lovely walk up and down Queen East. Daddy and I checked out the bookstore, while Mommy and Dennis went to the little dog bakery and got some treats.

Actually, Dennis got even more treats on the way back to the car, when a nice lady stopped us on the spot and liked Dennis so much that she gave him an enormous bag of liver treats. Turns out she's in the business of making and selling them. So... keep an eye out for Loki's All-Natural Liver bits (looks like they don't have a website), and tell then Dennis sent you.


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