Friday, January 07, 2011

The Bunny in the Wardrobe Variety Hour

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Lots of snow outside today, which made me especially happy. I hung out with Mommy while she did laundry in the morning (I wanted to play Pictionary or Carcasonne, but whatever) and maybe watched to many videos on the computer and stuff. School was all right, although I did get kinda in trouble for talking too much.

Who, me? Talk too much?

I played with my new play-dough in the afternoon and visited with Gammy and Grandpa, since Mommy's headache made an unwelcome return. After Daddy (who Mommy and I nicknamed 'Jam-Jam') came home from work and we had all eaten dinner, he and I decided to cheer Mommy up by putting on an Improv show.

We named our two-person troupe 'Bunny in the Wardrobe' and put on quite the show for Mommy, which involved taking audience suggestions, mime, and singing.


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