Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold cold cold cold

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Boy, was it ever cold out there today. It was sunny and nice looking, but that picturesque view out the window betrayed the kind of weather that freezes the boogers inside your nostrils as soon as you go outside.

We all stayed in as much as possible... Dennis seems to like the weather less than any of us, so he was super hesitant to head outdoors. We had lunch, played Pictionary, a long game of Carcassonne... a nice Sunday stuck indoors.

Actually, we did take a quick drive over to the butcher's for some food at one point in the afternoon, but we hurried back home where it wasn't thirty degrees below zero. I even put on a 'magic show' for my parents - which consisted of me drawing complicated images and then flipping them upside-down to reveal hidden other drawings.

Am I creative, or what?


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