Monday, January 17, 2011

Corrin & Kristen

[As transcribed by Daddy]

After a lovely Sunday morning, Mommy and Daddy dropped me off at Corrin's house to celebrate her fifth birthday! Her Mommy and Daddy took care of me and the other kids - there were games like pin the tentacle on the octopus, broken telephone, and lots of snacks. There always seems to be a gluten-free pizza for me at every birthday party I go to! I told them all about my friend Kristen.

Mommy and Daddy picked me up after they had an afternoon to themselves (during which they pretty much discussed how much they missed me). I came home and asked about Kristen coming over to visit once every ten minutes.

Kristen called at around five, so Daddy and I brought her over to the house. She brought me some cool presents from her recent trip to Japan! I pretty much hogged her to myself as much as possible, and was really sad when it was time for bed.

Kristen is the best! My family and I really appreciate her so much.


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