Monday, January 03, 2011

Haircut House

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I had a bad dream last night, so I joined Mommy in bed... we had a pretty good night's sleep! Today was pretty eventful, I guess - the warm weather was gone (back to normal), but we still managed to find lots to do.

Daddy and Grandpa got the roof placed on my playhouse, with minimal drastic emergency sawing-off-of-major-components-to-make-things-fit-properly. Nothing some cosmetic alterations won't fix. Anyway, we were all really happy to see things near completion (pre-paint)!

I joined my folks on a quick jaunt over to Lowe's and Rona for the light that goes on the top of the playhouse, and then we hit up Zellers for barber equipment - after we got home and had some dinner, Mommy cut my hair in lieu of a trip to the Salon. She did a great job! She also cut Daddy's hair really short... they're both more shocked by the amount of gray than they are by the length.


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