Thursday, January 20, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

I had a play date with Claire this morning! We had a great time - I brought my Barbie dolls, so we did that, plus I had a blast playing with her play food and play kitchen and play ice cream cones and stuff. My Mommy and Claire's Mommy hung out, we all had a nice lunch, and our Ontario Natrual Food Co-Op order arrived, which Claire and I helped bring back home in the wagon (on the way to school).

Speaking of school, it didn't go so hot today. There was a "Kerfuffle" (my word) with a kid, which frustrated me, and in turn I took it out on another kid, which made me feel awful... and which kept me miserable and on edge for the rest of the day (even though Claire and I played with the wagon again).

I had dinner with Gammy and Grandpa tonight... steak, corn, and potato patties. I went to bed kinda early due to the day's drama.


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