Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Eve

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I had a nice morning playing Bingo and some of the games I got for Christmas. After lunch, Mommy and Daddy and I took Dennis for a walk around the block, and then I hung out with Grandpa in the afternoon while they all went out to do some shopping for odds and ends.

Grandpa and I had a great time - we went for a walk, and even went to the playground which was pretty awesome... I was the only one there and had the monkeybars all to myself, plus the weather was ridiculously warm, so... double-awesome!

After a game of Carcasonne with Daddy, Mommy joined us for a quick trip over to Lisa and Matt and Leo's house. We met up with them plus Avery and her parents and walked down to a nice little restaurant, where we had a nice New Year's Eve dinner. Afterwards, we walked back to Lisa and Matt's, I played with Leo and Avery, and then it was time to head home!

Happy New Year! I've resolved to learn how to ride a bike in 2011.


Blogger Kristen McGregor said...

Great resolutions!

Randomly- I've been to Carcassonne! I didn't know it had a board game!

2:10 PM


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