Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Passed Out Parents

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy was kinda funny this morning. She woke up early, took the dog out, got dressed, got me breakfast, was ready for the day... ...and then fell asleep. She napped for quite a while. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious.

School was okay today - it was kinda warm outside, and for perhaps the first time in, like, ever - I was several minutes early for work. I played in the playground with my friend Molly, who isn't usually all that into playing in the playground. So, that was a nice treat. Other than that, our usual supply teacher looked after us.

Mommy and I had a pretty nice evening - we went to dance class, which was fine, and then I got to choose some dinner to pick up on the way home. Mommy and I dined on chicken wings, and when Daddy came home, he passed out exhausted from work on the couch, where we left him to sleep.


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