Friday, February 11, 2011

Falling Short of my Quota

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I'm falling kinda short on my valentine production quota. A few days ago I set the goal of doing ten a day... yesterday I did three, and today I did four. Oh well. They ARE really good, though. I was preoccupied with drawing pictures... ever since we got that new package of paper, I've been doing my best to fill every page. I drew a really awesome picture of a laptop and other things lying around the house.

A while ago, I was sent home from school with a "wishes for my teachers" document where I was supposed to write out some well wishes for teachers (hence the name). We lost the papers and they were due today, so Mommy and I went in to school a little bit early and filled out a new version at the office.

In the afternoon, I watched The Little Mermaid, which I absolutely loved, except for the scary parts. When Daddy came home from work (really late) I had just gone to bed, but I made sure to told him all about it.


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