Saturday, February 26, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Swimming class this morning! For the second time in a row, I had a few instructor... Mommy is worried that I might be losing some ground due to the lack of consistency. The good news is that I learned the front crawl, but then didn't want to get out of the pool - I jut wanted to keep front-crawling. My FAVOURITE part is jumping in the pool, though.

Bath, lunch, school... it was warm enough today that I didn't have to wear snowpants. In music class we made up variations of the other day's 'peanut' song, and after school I stuck around and played a bit. Mommy and I came home, I visted with my grandparents, called Nana on the phone, did some drawing and playing, and as soon as Daddy got home from work, we ordered rotisserie chicken for dinner.

But the BIG news is that I have *another* new cousin! Congrats to Daddy's cousin Michelle and her husband Ed, who welcomed baby Joshia into the world!


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