Friday, February 25, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

So the other day, my friend Adrianna commented that she really liked the fancy decorative pin Mommy made for me (which I've worn on my coat for years now). I asked Mommy if I could just give it to her, since she liked it so much, and Mommy thought that would be a nice thing to do... so I did! I know Mommy can just make me another one or something, so I figured I might as well just give it to Adrianna.

I was feeling particularly helpy today, as well. Seeing as how I watched a whole DVD in the afternoon, I felt like I shouldn't ALSO use the computer, so I volunteered to help Mommy in the kitchen. The two of us managed to take care of a whole load of dishes, and then we baked a big batch of cookies. I prepared little notes and decorative cards and sent them to Gammy and Nee-Nee with some delicious, fresh-baked cookies.

I bumped my knee pretty badly before going to bed tonight. Mommy calmed me down with a rendition of 'My Favourite Things'.


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