Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day?!

[As transcribed by Daddy]

All day yesterday, we were led to believe that the so-called 'Mother of All Winter Storms' was coming to bury us all in up to forty centimetres of snow. I was personally really excited - I couldn't wait to see the fury of the blizzard first hand!

Of course this morning I woke up to your average smattering of snow, comparable to the light blanketing we had a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, they still canceled school. Sometimes the authorities in Toronto will panic over nothing, embarrassing us in front of the rest of the country (who wouldn't have canceled school even if there WAS 40cm of snow).

I walked Daddy to the bus stop this morning, but the cold weather played havoc with my little froggy throat, so I decided to stay inside with Mommy, Dennis, and the visiting laundry machine repairman (who was barked at by Dennis).

We tried to invite Carrieann over, but there was no answer when we called her folks. Ah well!


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