Tuesday, February 08, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

I was so happy to see all of the perfectly wonderful snow that had fallen last night that I was in my snowsuit and playing in it before I had even eaten breakfast! Mommy and I spent the whole morning outside making some pretty awesome snow sculptures. We made two - I made a really cool traditional snowman (named 'Bally'), and we started work on a huuuuuuuge snow stegosaurus. It was my idea.

I went to school, but was really just looking forward to coming home so that I could have a snowball fight with Mommy. Sure enough, once Mommy came to get me, we had a fun snowball fight on the walk home. I was stunned to arrive home and find the finished version of 'Steggy' the Snow Stegosaurus waiting for me. It must have taken Mommy all afternoon.

We had hot chocolate for a snack, but I was slightly annoyed that there weren't any marshmallows. I guess I was in something of a complainy mood. Anyway, as soon as Daddy got home, we started masterminding Mommy's valentine's day present.


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