Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Too Cold to Dance

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Man oh man, was it ever freezing outside. Again. Seriously - I love winter and all, but I've pretty much reached my boiling point when it comes to the cold weather. Days like yesterday when it was nice out enough to make a snow stegosaurus are fine... but today is just too darned cold.

School was fine today - it was warm inside, which is all anybody needs to know. When I wasn't staying warm inside at school, I was staying warm inside at home... I worked quite diligently on the secret project I have planned as Mommy's Valentine's Day present.

I watched a movie in the afternoon - that plus the cold outside totally made both Mommy and I completely forget about dance class. Oh well. Daddy took us out for coffee and some groceries after we had dinner. By then, it was still cold.

Listening to: Cut Copy - Zonoscope


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