Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Playground Waterslide

[As transcribed by Daddy on Feb 17th 2011]

Today I was still really excited about my new pencil crayons and stuff, so I made sure to draw lots and lots of pictures with them. On the way to school today, I was happily shocked to see that the crossing guard (who I call the 'traffic cop') dyed her hair, so I told her I liked it from across the street. I think the whole neighbourhood heard.

School was fine... we had gym class and stuff. No big deak. Claire and I played in the playground before heading home - we pretended we were sliding down waterslides.

When I got home, a basket of fruit arrived for Valentine's Day from Daddy. A day late. Ah well. Mommy broke out the dairy-free chocolate dip and we had a fruit party while watching a harbinger of the end times on TV.


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