Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dastardly Adventures of Lemon Hands Man

[As transcribed by Daddy]

The weekend is now done, which means it was back to school today. After a fairly low-key morning (Daddy had lots of meetings), Mommy and I had a nice lunch and then went to class. Mrs. Free wasn't in yesterday, so the supply teacher kept things kinda quiet (one of my friends brought cupcakes to school, but I couldn't have one due to my wheat allergy). I didn't feel like playing much afterwards, so I came right home with Mommy.

At Adriana's birthday party yesterday, I got this weird little action figure with sticky yellow bulbous hands in my goody bag. I called him "Lemon Hands Man" and had many adventures with him throughout the remainder of the day - Daddy loved listening to me have adventures with him as he tried to steal the iMac from my parents (with very little success).

After a nice dinner and a ridiculous amount of spontaneous dancing in front of the television immediately afterward, I went to sleep really easily tonight... the first time in weeks.


Anonymous lemonhands said...

Can you give me the name of the action figure, or maybe a picture of it? This could be something I'm very interested in.

11:07 PM


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