Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hopping on One Foot

[As transcribed by Daddy]

No idea why, but I woke up in a pretty grumpy mood this morning. Anyway, it didn't last very long, and before anyone knew it, I was hopping on one foot for the better part of the day. No reason why, really... just hopping. Have you tried it? You should. Hopping on one foot is great.

Anyway, school today was pretty decent... the weather was weird so we all stayed in the classroom and went about our usual business. Mommy had an awful headache and went to the chiropractor while I was at school, and needed to lie down once she got home. Therefore, Gammy and Grandpa came to pick me up from school today, which really really made my afternoon! What a treat!

Daddy put on another Doctor Who documentary for us to watch during dinner. As much as I absolutely love Doctor Who, I find documentaries about the show to be quite boring.


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