Monday, March 21, 2011

Icy Hike

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Seeing as how today was the final official day of our family 'Staycation', we decided to actually get out of the house and kinda go somewhere or do something cool. So, we dragged Daddy out of bed at something close to a sensible hour, got our stuff in gear, and headed out!

We grabbed some food at the supermarket and ate it on the way and drove out to a specific little chunk of the Bruce trail - the same area we went to about a year ago, when Basil was too sick and tired to keep going. So, we brought Dennis along, and he seemed to really enjoy it, as did we... although there was still a surprising amount of snow and ice still on the ground, which made hiking difficult.

After about an hour of hiking, we headed home. Gammy and Grandpa got back from their whirlwind vacation (whey visited Papa, Nana, Jim, and Cool Uncle Gareth) with presents from all in tow for me! It's great to have them back.


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