Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unexpected Tyrannosaurus

As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I watched some television in the morning, and then decided to break out the paints and make some pretty awesome dinosaur paintings. While Mommy made lunch, I designed all of the packaging for yesterday's Ultimate Granola Bar - and even a diagram of how to eat it.

School was fine - we learned a song about peanut butter (and jelly). Mommy and I then took the bus (filled with middle-schoolers) to the subway station. We took the subway over to the organic grocery store, hit a cool kid's store, and found the coolest store - it had a unexpected fossilized T-Rex skull and femur on display, and a really neat geode (that a strange man was fondling in order to absorb its energy while everyone else rolled their eyes).

Anyway, we finally found some grits and other odds and ends, took them home, and had a lovely dinner. Daddy and I watched clips of Nigel Marven on Conan from the night before, and I caught slushy snowflakes on my tongue (which I thought tasted like pink milk and biscuits).


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