Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chez Charles

[As transcribed by Daddy]

This morning my Barbies (Rapunzel - the nice one, and Lilly - the rude one) decided that they would spend the day at the mall to get some bubble tea. So, they made the very quick walk to their local mall.

Once they were there, they noticed that Cinnamon Bunny (in his 'Mr. Charles' alias) had opened a beauty salon. Noticing that her hair was ratty, Lilly decided to pay a visit and get her hair brushed. Mr. Charles was only to happy to oblige, and then charged Lilly seventy-eight dollars! Lilly was understandably upset, but he explained to her - if she would just brush her hair on a daily basis, it wouldn't cost seventy eight bucks at the salon.

Lilly's mood was cheered up on the way home, when they ran into their other Barbie Doll friend, Dia (the fashion designer), who was buying a puffy dress, since she didn't know how to make one herself. Dia gave Lilly and Rapunzel a ride home.

Oh, and I had pizza for dinner.


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