Sunday, April 10, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Once Daddy was feeling up to it, Mommy and I dragged him out of bed, and we got ready to hit the road - but not before I had something of a mid-morning meltdown. Once it was established that I'd only be up for a hike in the woods if we got some snacks for the road, we were good to go.

Getting said snack turned into something of a headache due to traffic, but by mid-afternoon, we headed into the lovely spring afternoon to do some hiking. We made it to York Regional Forest and found two Geocaches along a very lovely hike. Dennis demonstrated his spectacular tracking ability by lunging at a well-camoflauged beachball-sized turtle while we were circling a pond.

We all got our exercise, and by the end of the day, the massive sinus cold that Daddy had been incubated had leapt into Mommy's head, making her miserable for the rest of the day.


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