Saturday, April 16, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Friday! The end of Daddy's first week of the new job. Let's hope he's less freaked out about it during the second week.

I went to school today, and once again I ended up staying afterwards in the playground for ages and ages with my buddy Claire. At one point, her Mommy told us not to 'Dilly-Dally', but I don't really know what 'Dilly-Dallying" is, so I invented a new sort of dance step called the 'Dilly Dally'.

Once I got home, I continued to decorate out living room windows with orange window-writer. The lovely diagram I drew has now completely engulfed the window.

Finally, since Daddy was out at a party his friends threw for him last night, Mommy and I stayed home and ate pizza while watching a movie. I threw up in the bathroom immediately afterwards.


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