Friday, April 15, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy on April 16th]

I had a pretty normal normal morning with Mommy today - George and Ursula came by to do some more work on the house. I have to say, the new bathroom is really looking amazing, but poor Ursula is usually really sick. I hope all the sanding and stuff isn't making it worse.

At school today, I had lots of fun in gym class - fun that I carried on with after school in the playground with Claire. The two of us have really been spending a lot of time together. Her Mommy gave me a box of Claire's hand-me-downs (hand-me-overs?) which I don't actually NEED, but... man, do I ever love getting new clothes.

Mommy and I made made up a fancy batch of homemade bread, which we ate for dinner with scrambled eggs.Daddy drove us all over for a fun-filled family trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, where we bought herbal anti-depressants and shampoo.


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