Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Thoughts

[As transcribed by Daddy on May 1st]

I had such a nice early morning with Daddy yesterday that I requested that Mommy hang out with me as I woke up this morning... we just kinda hung out in my bedroom for quite a while. Talking and playing and stuff.

School was okay today... Grandpa joined Mommy when it was time to pick me up, so he watched me play in the playground and as I tried to get better at playing on the monkeybars.

Daddy was late coming home from work, so Mommy and I ordered some really really awful chicken for dinner. After Daddy got home, he made up for lost time by reading lots of books to me at bedtime. First we read an amazing comic book, and then we went through a book about the Kings and Queens of England.

Apparently, there was a big Royal Wedding over in England this morning. In discussing it with Daddy, I felt bad for Prince William... while I get to choose what I want to be when I grow up, his future was planned out before he was even born.


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