Wednesday, May 11, 2011


[As transcribed by Daddy]

The weather was pretty nice today - a good day for a lot of playing outside and stuff. I had a nice lunch with Mommy before heading off to school, which was fun (as usual), followed by a lot of playing outside in the playground. I couldn't stay too long, however, because I had dance class!

Mommy and I walked over to dance class via the park. On the way, we stopped by a little flower garden that we'd never seen before, where someone had taken some lovely little flowers, clipped them, and discarded them on the ground! Mommy made me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from what we found littering the dirt.

Last night, Daddy was doing the grocery shopping when he discovered a can of Hearts of Palm ("Chonta"), had no idea what they were, and bought them for the heck of it. Mommy put them into a salad today and we all discovered that we absolutely love them.


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