Friday, May 13, 2011

Dennis' Didgeridoo

[As transcribed by Daddy on May 14th]

I watched a lot more television and played a lot more video games on the computer compared to your average morning… Mommy has been turning the kitchen completely upside-down in an attempt to prime, clean, adjust, repair, and repaint it. Pretty much the entire contents of the kitchen have been emptied out into the rest of the house.

Today Dennis found an old cardboard wrapping paper tube, which he has decided to walk around with and chew on a bit. When he breathes into one end as he chews it, it makes the distinct sound of an Australian didgeridoo. As a result, the soothing sounds of the Australian Outback haunted us throughout the day.

Once Daddy got home from work, he walked over to my school with Mommy and I for the annual open house night. They got to see more of my drawings and crafts and stuff, got to talk with my teacher a bit, and I finally got to indulge my desire to go upstairs and see the classrooms of the higher grades.


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