Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Eve

[As transcribed by Daddy on May 9th]

Daddy woke up pretty early with a really bad tummy ache today, and kinda staggered around the house holding his cramping stomach for most of the day. From now on, he will decline the mushroom lasagna at Tutti Matti.

Mommy did a whole lot of work outside and inside while Daddy sat around and moaned, although he did manage to help her move the old dishwasher and stove from the back yard to the front. Now our place looks a lot less redneck-y.

Daddy and I DID manage to drive over to Anthrolpologie, where I picked out some cool presents for Mommy for Mother's Day. Once we got home again, we drove with Mommy to the game store, where we bought Gammy a Carcassonne expansion.

Dinner was delicious (for those of us who managed to actually eat some) - we watched a new episode of Doctor Who, and then it was time for bed. I can't wait for Mother's Day tomorrow!


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