Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Jammie Dodgers

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Daddy and I were up nice and early to make breakfast in bed for Mommy - I devised a customized bowl of cereal consisting of Mini Wheats and my gluten free corn flakes. Yummy! Then, we gave her the fancy candle and a book about antiquing. The best part was probably the card I made for her.

Soon after, we gave Gammy her Mother's day presents (Carcassonne expansion, candle, and a card) and then we had some lunch. We let Mommy pick today's activity, and so we headed out into the wonderful sunny spring day and did some hiking along the Bruce Trail. Dennis really pulled on his leash for the entire time... something about the weather seems to make him want to run and play.

We had a long drive home, during which we stopped for snacks (we found real honest-to-goodness Jammie Dodgers) and a new shower curtain rod at Ikea.

After dinner, I had a bath and went to bed right on time... gotta go back to school tomorrow!


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