Friday, May 06, 2011

Spiffing Up The Plot

[As transcribed by Daddy on May 7th]

Another day with chicken pox... another day home from school. Luckily I had a vaccination months and months ago, so this appears to be the mildest case of chicken pox anyone has ever seen.

Mommy ran a quick errand to Home Depot today, so I went over and stayed with Gammy and Grandpa, who I had lunch with. We picked up Mommy, and then Grandpa drove us over to the garden, where Mommy used wood she bought to really spiff up our plot. I planted some carrots, lettuce, and got very bored. And dirty.

After dinner, I got to have a bath in our brand new bathtub in our brand new bathroom. It was pretty awesome - WAY better than our old bath. I stayed up a bit past my bedtime, too.


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