Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Above the Water by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

I didn't sleep well last night, but thankfully I slept in a bit today, so I didn't feel any ill effects. School was okay today, except for the extra-long school assembly we all had to sit through. We said good-bye to our retiring principal and watched the older kids get awards. I found it thoroughly boring.

After a delicious dinner, Mommy and Daddy and Cool Uncle Gareth and I drove out to do some shopping for Gammy's birthday. On the way home, we passed a restaurant called "Chinese Hut", which prompted me to suggest the portmanteau "Chut." This word (which I defined as a puree of eggplant, peanut butter and crackers, which is then fed to crazy people) proceeded to make everyone laugh, especially when I repeated it and tried using it in a sentence.

When Mommy and Daddy and Gareth started using it, however, the joke got old and annoying, which frustrated me to no end. Some Jelly Babies and Skittles calmed me down.


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