Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dirty Birthday, Dear Yick-Yick

Birthday Puppets with Claire by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

Finally - my sixth birthday party is here! I was so happy I put on my birthday party dress and crown (the same as last year) and was ready to go before my folks were even out of bed! Kristen and Renee arrived to run the festivities, and several of my favourite friends - Carrieann, Claire, Cheyenne, Corrin, Sarah, and special guest appearances by Connor and Ainsley - all came over to join me!

Kristen and Renee helped us all make sock puppets - I named mine 'Yick-Yick', and we put on a special puppet show for our parents about Yick-Yick's birthday (we sang a rousing rendition of "Dirty Birthday Dear Yick-Yick"). There were party games, lunch, fancy cupcakes, birthday presents... overall, I had a great time!

Once it was all said and done, Daddy and I drove Kristen and Renee home, and then listened to some awesome tunes on the lengthy car ride home. Finally, we all had a pretty quiet evening at home, decompressing from all of the activity!


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